Welcome to Mac Robotics

Welcome to the Macdonald High School robotics team. This website is the ultimate guide and information deposit to all the amazing things we do in this program. Our team is an extra curricular activity at Macdonald high school in St Anne de Bellevue. Every year we compete in the C.R.C. against other high schools and cegeps. We have been competing since 2004 and have taken home plenty of trophies to show for it.

Each year we need to make a video, a website, a kiosk and a robot. The robot needs to compete in a game against the other teams and the other categories are all judged throughout the competition. The categories include robot design, programing, kiosk, video, website design and website content. Our team manages to hold their own and rank fairly high in each category. Recently we have been finding new ways to raise money like our zombie apocalypse and building websites and videos for different organizations.

This website will give all the necessary information you’ll need to figure out if you’re interested in joining or just want to get chased around by zombies. Our program teaches teamwork and provides experience in fields ranging from carpentry to website design.