The C.R.C. is a non profit organization that holds a competition each year with the objective of teaching young adults and kids to work together in order to achieve a common goal. The organization was founded by the Downy brothers, and has been going strong for more than ten years.

We have been participating for nearly ten years in the competition and have had people who have already graduated come back to help us. The C.R.C. allows both high schools and cegeps to compete, but they recently put in a rule that allows high schools to compete separately from the cegeps.

The competition takes place at different schools each year and generally involves loud music, cheering teenagers and plenty of drama and stress. The weekend of the competition is the end result of the effort of all of the teams. Students get to show off their kiosks, videos, websites and robots. The robots duke it out in a pre determined game as team members lose their voices in the crowed, cheering on their pilots. After the competition is finished and the victor is named, teams head home with a sense of pride and plenty of new experiences.