Nemolition 2014

Nemolition 2014 was a great year for Mac robotics. The C.R.C. implemented a new rule that allows high schools to chose whether they wanted to compete against only other high schools or compete against colleges and cegeps as well. Our theme was Iron Man so we named ourselves Mac Industries. Mac robotics went junior and managed to place fairly high on the score boards.

We won first place for kiosk, video and website content. we also won awards for sportsmanship, robot design and in the actual game. Like any year their was crying with tears of sadness, joy and pain. People got the mandatory competition disease and plenty of people were exhausted.

During the year things were tense. Arguments and other problems caused a lot of friction and there was plenty of drama. In the end the team managed to pull together and get their projects done with a little shove.The end of this year will be the start of a new experience for the team because more team members are graduating this year than any other year.