Profuga 2012

Profuga 2012 was a great year for Mac. Our theme was Ghostbusters and we modified our jeep to be the Ecto-1 car that the Ghostbusters drove in the movie. Our video used special effects we had never tried before and won first place. The kiosk was the fire station the Ghostbusters used as their base and it also scored first place. The game involved moving foam blocks around the field to score points and our robot made it very far in the leader boards.

We came home with first place for video and kiosk as well as trophies in many other areas. During the competition we had students dressed up as the Ghostbusters and people from our video. After the trophy ceremony all the teams participated in a large dodgeball game.

We raised money at Maxi to help pay for equipment just like every year. Throughout the year everyone was kept occupied and each team worked like clockwork to get their parts done before the competition. The number of new people wasn’t as large as some years but there was no shortage of workers. When the competition ended we came in second place overall.