Velistic 2013

Velistic 2013 was a special year for Mac robotics because it was the first year we took the website category seriously. Our theme was Back to the Future to we changed it to Mac to the Future. We modified our jeep to be a time machine . The teams were all hard pressed as usual and there were more than a few miracles by the time the competition rolled around.

We won first place for video and robot design as well as awards for kiosk, and sportsmanship. Our video was incredible and wowed the other teams. Our kiosk was breathtaking. Doctor Browns lab with a clock tower on top made people jump with surprise when they saw it. The clock tower was huge and there was half of a fake jeep sticking out of the top.

The new sub team that was formed caused some problems and things got more than a little chaotic. The massive flood of new members also didn't help and after the pre course we had over fifty members and a good majority of them were still in grade seven. Organization was a massive problem year round and most of the projects were submitted at the last minute. In the end we came in second overall.