Vexoic 2009

Vexoic 2009 was a special year. We had two robots entered. Ozone and Gravity were completely built from the new tech system the C.R.C. had implemented. We were using Vex kits and still are today. Our robots competed against each other and ended up as finalists in the game. Gravity won first place for design and Ozone won third for design. We didn't have theme and our two robots were the highlight of the competition for us. The game Vexoic involved rolling balls into boxes with their sides open to score points.

We did incredibly in the game and did average in the other categories. Our team was still very small and the fact that we had been divided into two didn't help. Our videos and kiosks only did the bare minimum considering that we didn't have a theme. There was no welding involved in the creation of our robots that year and that was something new for us. The year was huge and we had scored higher than ever before.