Kiosk Team

The kiosk team is responsible for planning out and building the room that will act as our pit at the competition. The kiosk is the place where we present our team and video to the public, as well as make repairs and touch ups on the robot.

The kiosk needs tho be 12ft by 12ft by 8ft high. Our kiosk is judged and people need to always be there to present to the judges and the public. Our kiosks are always spectacular and we usually get great comments from both the judges and other teams.

Within the kiosk, teams need to have their video playing and some form of presentation about the team itself. After the kiosk is completely built the team needs to transport it to the competition and assemble it there. After the competition is over the kiosk team needs to disassemble the kiosk and transport it back to the school.