Robot Team

The robot team is the backbone of our team. If we showed up at the competition without a robot, we wouldn't be a robotics team.

As the robot team they get a lot of pressure dumped on them and even through all that they need to create a robot that can follow the guidelines, but still get the job done. The robot needs to perform a different task each year and the robot team needs to adapt to the game quickly.

The games range from stacking playing pieces, to launching balls at targets on the other side of the field. The robot needs to be functional and the team is also tested on their design and programing.

The game is explained on kick-off night. This is the night where each team sends students to the hosting school to learn the rules of the game and learn about the other aspects.

After kick-off the robot team has little time to design and build their robot. There have been times when the team finished the robot at the competition!